Mateo Ruiz González

(B. 1989) in Bogota, Colombia 
Photographer and storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY
Co-founder and photo editor at Antics Publications
MPB fellow 




Inside The Curve, National Geographic.
Travelling exhibition at United Nations
New York City. Summer 2021

• Decade of Change, The British Journal of Photography:
Exhibition at the Javits Center. The Nest Summit for Climate Week NYC
In partnership with The Climate Museum in New York.
September 21-23,  2021 New York, US

  Photo editor and curatorial work for The Journal of Grievances, Vol 4 - “Collected Tales” 
Publishd by Antics Publications 
Invited photograper Judith Black / Invited writer George Weld.
Work by  Alana PerinoCiro Battiloro, Elena HelfrechtFelipe Romero Beltrán, Harrison Miller,
Ilya Nikitin, Isabella Convertino, Maxwell LaBelle and Robin Bernstein
Edited and curated in collaboration with Image Threads

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Color Piedra Caliza’ at Nowhere Diary, 2021

Short story ‘A Bunny’s Dream’ at Aint-bad, 2021